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Living in the Flow of Life RETREAT in October, 2018

Join me for a weekend in beautiful Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain this fall!

Space is limited. More information coming soon.

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Energy Healing, Coaching and Mentoring:

Wherever there is unfulfillment (in any area of life), there’s a disconnection or blockage to the energy flow that causes disharmony and stagnancy, but once the blocks are cleared out, you can experience flow in your life.

The aim of my work is always transformationbreakthrough and progress. 

You can expect more synchronicity, coincidences and clarity after a session and things suddenly starting to come together and fall into place for you.

One single session can remove old emotional and mental (thought/mind patterns) and be replaced with a sense of renewal and liberation that allows you to move forward in life.

You’ll feel more connected to your inner truth and intuition and you will have an increased awareness of yourself (self-awareness) and the energy around you.

Get released from heaviness and have your whole being invigorated with fresh, new, powerful life energy and get a new sense of confidence and direction in your life!

Sessions with me helps you get aligned with the flow and when you’re in flow with yourself, you live in harmony with the Universe.

Energy and consciousness work can lead to profound life-changing shifts in just one session.

Healing + Coaching and single coaching sessions, plus packages and long term mentoring and programs available as well.

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The first step to transformations and progress in life is to recognize the guidance and then simply let go and go with the flow of what is shown. Trust your intuition and you will always be rewarded for it. – Maria Erving